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Summary of 2019 in the translator industry

2019 was a good year for translators, but the development of new devices has halted because the whole world stopped. We are already wondering what we will write to you next year? Yet we stay optimistic.


This was a good year, but …

2019 began with the long-awaited premiere of the new Vasco Electronics Translator. The manufacturer of Vasco Mini 2 is a global leader among electronic translators and emphasizes that its offer is a 100% polish product. We looked at all the campaigns and observed that the above fact is underlined and stressed in the manufacturer's ads. We are delighted to see that the device so highly rated by customers from all over the world comes from Europe.

Vasco Electronics, as the only manufacturer in the world, puts into the customers’ hands a product fully ready for use without additional costs and subscription. What does this mean in practice? By buying Vasco Mini 2, you can translate and speak in over 50 languages ​​in 150 countries for free. Vasco Mini 2 has a built-in SIM card with free and unlimited Internet for translations without any restrictions. The card does not need to be "renewed" for a month or year, and there are no subscription costs. This is a big surprise because their competitors demand payment for further use, and not a small one, but as much as 100 Euro, as in the Pocektalk case.

The Vasco Mini 2 is ready to use immediately after launch. It works independently. You don't have to connect it to a smartphone or download a mobile application. In February this year, the Vasco Mini 2 device was awarded the prestigious GLOMO 2020 award. Currently, our number one! I wonder what Vasco Electronics will surprise us in 2020?

Vasco Mini


At one of Las Vegas’ stores, we spotted a new, previously unknown Translator Jarvisen, which has a very rich specialized vocabulary and surprises with the quality of translations. Undoubtedly, this device is worth attention. Unfortunately, the barrier to using this translator is the high cost of $ 499. There is also a lack of consumer reviews and feedback, which can be worrying. We will certainly look at this manufacturer.

In 2019 we also met Dosmono T2. The translator was interesting due to the availability of up to 72 languages. However, to use it, you will have to get hold of the SIM card, which connects you to the Internet at the cost of further charges.

Also, already known devices such as Pocketalk or Langogo, as mentioned above, require topping up cards or buying a subscription plan, which generates more costs of usage. These companies are trying to somehow get around this obstacle, offering a starter internet package for a year or two years. Unfortunately, after that, you have to accept the fact that the device will stop working, forcing you to invest in an additional subscription.

Vasco Mini


Travis Translator is another device that can support you while traveling, talking, or studying. However, just like Dosmono, Pocketalk, Langogo or Jarvisen requires the purchase of a SIM card and the costs of use become very high for a travel gadget. Travis went a step further and founded a foundation whose motto is not so much breaking language barriers as the human need to be understood and heard. Each purchased device provides $2.50 to the foundation, which it invests in the process of digitizing minority languages, and electronic dictionaries, so that in the future everyone can get along with everyone. Noble, congratulations on an interesting initiative. We will also watch this topic closely.


The manufacturers are still trying to create something that the whole world is waiting for: A translator in the form of a headset that works smoothly and independently, as in the movie Star Trek (remember?) The famous scene with communication without barriers was probably the inspiration to create headphone translators.

The first such translator is PILOT, presented in 2018. After the premiere, customers sent Google an avalanche of inquiries about the translator handset. However, the PILOT let the customers down, turned out to be an incomplete answer to the market needs. The translator works only after installing the translation application, and a handset is only an additional gadget.

Shortly after the PILOT, the WT2 Plus translator appeared, working similarly to PILOT, via Bluetooth headphones. In this case, it is a little more effective (we tested both), and here one smartphone was enough for communication, and not as in the case of PILOT - two. However, this device is also not gaining popularity, as it requires downloading the translation application to a smartphone. Unfortunately, the communication itself does not look like on the ads and, well, as we would have dreamed.

We are waiting impatiently for manufacturers to create a discreet handset that does not require connecting with any device and translates in real-time. Fantasy? We think it will happen. With such galloping technology, we hope to see you soon.

Vasco Mini


The end of the year was a nervous time ...

In September, a wave of banners with the "translator" Muam Enence flooded the Internet. We responded to this situation in our article in which we suggest how to choose a translator that will serve us trouble-free.
Make sure you read this: https://voice-translator-review.com/articles/things-you-must-know-before-buying-a-speech-translator.



We received inquiries from customers why the Muama ENENCE device is not included in the ranking and what is the opinion of our team. Find the answer below:

Muama Enence is not a translator and therefore has not been rated by us. It is a hands-free kit for an application. Looking for reviews, we came across a vast number of negative statements that show that customers did not receive the product or that returns are not accepted. Customers also didn't receive money after a refund. Not wanting to be groundless, we include places where you can find all information about the fraud we are dealing with here. It is about trust, which results in extortion of money. Note, the same device was advertised recently by the same manufacturer, but under a different name, Nativo PRO. Doing so confirms that the manufacturer no longer wants to be associated with a product with a bad reputation and changed the name to hide that it is the same device.

The European Consumer Center (EVC) has received numerous complaints against this producer. Read the case reports on these links:


Other translator manufacturers and the largest store with translators also referred to Muama's aggressive Electronic Translators campaign https://voice-translator-review.com/.

https://voice-translator-review.com clearly stated that they do not sell this device and will never do. They also asked customers to return the Muama device where it was purchased, i.e., from the manufacturer. Electronic Translators have told us that since November, they have recorded many phone calls and emails regarding requests for assistance in the Muama complaint process, but they do not sell these devices.

Travis Translator, on the other hand, published an article warning his producer Muama Enence.

Both Vasco Electronics, Travis, and https://voice-translator-review.com took social responsibility to reduce the scale of fraud. Perhaps thanks to these actions, the number of deceived customers has decreased.


Technology fairs - our knowledge base about translators

We derive our knowledge of translators, consumer electronics, and technological innovations, mainly from the electronics trade shows, where we can meet exhibitors and talk to producers. We were present as guests at IFA in Berlin and the largest electronics fair CES 2020 in Las Vegas. We also planned to go to the MWC in Barcelona. Unfortunately, it was canceled due to fears of coronavirus infection that had taken over the world.



During this fair, at the gala, the Vasco Mini 2 translator was officially awarded the GLOMO 2020 award in the https://www.mwcbarcelona.com/global-mobile-awards/winners/ "Best connected consumer device" category. The Vasco Mini 2 device in its category competed with such giants as LG, LetinAR, which is a huge global success of Polish Vasco Electronics.

The jury summarized the victory of Vasco Mini 2 in this way:

"Smart, specific product that understands its niche target market - this company has kept it simple and focused on making it work well, which are good working principles."

As we mentioned, this fair did not take place, but we know from social media that the award for the Vasco Mini 2 Translator has reached the producer. Big congratulations for this small device.

Coronavirus has many people holding their breath and has stopped the whole world. It has also stopped travel. We hope that it will not prevent manufacturers from improving equipment.