6 reasons why an electronic tr...

6 reasons why an electronic translator is the best Christmas gift

6 reasons why an electronic translator is the best Christmas gift

Christmas is coming. Yes, it’s that time of the year again. We bet you’ve already taken all your Christmas decorations out, done an elaborate shopping list, started preparations for a Christmas dinner and… realized that you need to buy gifts for everyone. And you definitely want to buy something special for each and every person you have on your list. Well, unfortunately, we’re not going to plan everything for you, but we can give you some sound advice, saving you some nerves while looking for presents at the last moment.

In this article, we will try to convince you why an electronic translator is the best Christmas gift. And It doesn’t matter if you want to buy it for yourself or someone else. Let’s dive in and go over these 6 reasons why!

1. Electronic translator is practical

It is often emphasized that the best gifts come from the heart. There also are people who like making their presents as practical as possible. It’s always better when you can actually USE the things you get and not leave them in your wardrobe to lie there for ages to come. Such a device is definitely not an item that you can put somewhere and forget about. It is a device that proves itself very useful in numerous ways.

Let’s say that your friend is planning a trip to a foreign country. He or she, however, doesn’t know the language that everyone speaks there and has too little time to learn even the most basic phrases. An electronic translator comes to the rescue! Take the likes of Pocketalk or Vasco Translator M3 with you and understand or be understood by up to 90% of the world’s population! No need to carry expensive and heavy dictionaries with you.

Not enough? Be patient! We’re sure to give you more ideas on how to use an electronic translator later!

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2. Electronic translator opens everyone to the world

Well, this point of our discussion is somehow connected to the previous one. But let’s say you, or someone you know, have always dreamed of travelling. You see these beautiful photos on the internet or the ones taken by your Facebook friends, who visited so many astonishing places, and you think to yourself: “I want to see that too!”. There’s a problem? A language barrier? You’re afraid you’ll go to Thailand and will end up starving on the streets, because you won’t know how to get to the nearest restaurant or, even worse, read the menu? Such a device can help you with all that too!

Devices such as Langogo translator, Pocketalk or Vasco Translator M3 include a photo translation feature — that is, you can take a photo of a restaurant menu, translate it in real time to your native tongue, and understand everything that is written on the menu. Not to mention that an electronic translator will help you actually order the food as it translates all that you say. Your trip has been saved!

Not to mention that you don’t have to worry about the cost of the internet abroad. And we’ll say this out loud: forget about smartphone apps. The Internet is horribly expensive in countries like Australia or China. Turn the roaming on and the bill from your provider will exceed your wildest expectations! So don’t even think about using your own data — it’s always better to have a device that includes a SIM card with free internet access. And the best of the bests offer free unlimited internet for life — for example, Vasco Mini 2 and Vasco Translator M3.

Help your friends or family fulfill their dreams!

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3. It’s a great gift for your family or friends staying abroad

Do you have friends or family that have moved abroad? An electronic translator will surely help them submit necessary documents in addition to making their day-to-day duties easier. But not only that.

The ability to understand a foreign language will surely open the door to meeting new people and enriching their social lives in another country. In addition to all that, many voice translators have the phone-call translation feature — they can get a lot done on their phone, without the necessity to go out. Convenient and saves time!

4. It’s a great gift for someone looking to work abroad

Do you know someone who wants to work abroad? If so, then a voice translator is always a good gift idea. It will definitely help them communicate with a future employer, understand the contract that may be written in a foreign language (photo translation feature) or even talk about something over the phone. It will make them feel safe and secure, because, you know… if someone has to leave their own country to work, well, that’s scary enough.

5. It’s a great language-learning tool as well

So far, we’ve been only talking about using an electronic translator as a means of communication. But let’s look at it from a slightly different perspective. Say that you know someone who tries to learn more languages. Well, many electronic translators include a language-learning app that can help. And by the way, what’s better than practicing a foreign language in a live conversation?

A word ‘language’ written with chalk on a board in many different languages.

6. Electronic translator - a universal gift

Well, an electronic translator may be a compelling gift practically for everyone. Imagine buying a present for your father, who has just retired and is planning to tour the entire world. The likes of Vasco translators will make his journey smooth and enjoyable, especially when you know that he doesn’t know how to utter a single word in a foreign language and technology is still arcane knowledge for him. We believe that an electronic translator would also be a practical addition to your student son’s equipment. Say he plans a trip around the world during the next summer break, so a voice translator may prove useful when speaking with locals, especially during emergencies. You can sleep well now, knowing that he will understand and will be understood by everyone!

What about your teenage niece? Does she spend all her time with a smartphone in her hand? Well, we have a solution for that. The language-learning app in the Vasco Translator M3 would be a nice alternative.

As you can see, an electronic translator is a gift that may not only satisfy, but also make everyone’s life (not only travel life) way easier and more interesting!

Last but not least…

That’s all folks! We hope that the above article will convince you to put an electronic translator under someone’s Christmas tree! Or even treat yourself with one! When it comes to picking a device, visit the ranking we completed, where you can read about the best devices currently on the market and even compare them with one another!

Best of luck during the present hunt and Merry Christmas!

What is the best electronic language translator?

What is the best electronic language translator?

Have you ever travelled outside the borders of your country? Have you ever tried to communicate in a language in which you have not learned one single word? An electronic voice translator is a great help in such situations. With a voice translator, you don't have to worry about heavy dictionaries or phrasebooks, and you don't have to have a hard time finding the words you're missing. All that is necessary is to say or type the words into the translation device, and within seconds you will have the translation in the language you want - including a function that will translate voice for you.

The market is saturated with electronic translators. Do you know what to look for to pick the best translator device? Below are a few tips:

What live translator to pick?

Choosing a live translator is not a task that’s as easy as it might sound. Of course, some devices are plain better than others and it really pays to research so you’re not stuck with a suboptimal option - but your particular needs and wants really need to be considered as well. Are you going top be using the live translator for work? Or maybe you’re meaning to travel with it?

Some portable translators are more portable than others

While all the translators we write about here are portable, some portable translators are more portable than other ones. How so? First, there’s the size. Pockets are not created equal, and neither are portable translators. Some of them are smaller (like the Vasco Mini 2), while some are a bit bigger. If space is an issue, this is certainly something to consider. Then there’s the matter of the internet price - some devices come with unlimited internet in a variety of countries, while some don’t. The countries in which the free internet is available is also something that’s well worth checking when you’re picking a portable translator to go with you on an exotic trip.

The features of the language translator device

The features available on various language translator devices vary - this is a pretty obvious statement. What is less obvious is that you should consider which ones are the most important to you - is translating voice the reason you’re after a translator device? Or are you meaning to translate pictures? Even if the language translator device you have selected has a particular function, it will be wise to check if the particular feature is the language translator device’s strong suit, or just something chucked in to be able to tick off a box.


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