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A summary of how the electronic translator market presented itself in 2016

The year 2016 can be summarized as a time of great farewells but also as a time of great greetings. There were several reissues and returns. Noticeable was also a tendency to move away from traditional forms of innovation in the field of hardware.

Farewell Franklin  

American manufacturer of electronic translators existing in the market since the 80`s withdrew from its activities. The last device, which fans of the brand, were able to buy in the summer of this year would forever (or at least for the moment) be extinct. Say goodbye to the old and very popular Franklin Dictionary.

Farewell Luxa and P900

Ectaco does not want to fall out of the market, feeling the breath of competition as the market-leading Vasco Electronics are also abandoning their traditional form of foldable devices (foldable devices with a keyboard) and are moving to a more modern hardware with touch screen with their line of translators. It is true that the number of translations still cannot compare with what the competitors offer but it may indicate trends, which are being led by products such as the Traveler and Translator from Vasco Electronics.

Premiere of the C-Pen Dictionary

The novelty of 2016 was definitely the C-Pen Dictionary. It is a clever translating device, equipped with an Oxford dictionary which is available in seven languages. It will flourish with certainly in the hands of those who know English and want to expand their language skills or expand their range, e.g. in Chinese, Russian or French.

The premiere of the Vasco Traveler Solid 2

Awarded in 2015, the Vasco Traveler Solid has lived to see its worthy successor in 2016. The manufacturer improved the new hardware - far faster processor and more RAM, which affect the speed of all applications on this device, as well as increase the capacity for data storage. The younger brother of the Vasco Solid has been equipped with a battery with a larger capacity which significantly extends the operating time. An additional advantage can be the refreshed and new appearance of the device itself, as well as the applications which seem to work better and better every year.

Class A+ devices from Vasco Electronics

I think that anyone who had the opportunity to try the Vasco Translator with a dedicated scanner for text, will admit that I was right, it really was a high-class device. Particularly impressive is its fluidity of operation and incredible intuitiveness of the scanner. Connecting to a Vasco device is done quickly and with a single button, the ability to scan long text by line for someone like me, who is a connoisseur of the foreign press, is the perfect support system.

The premiere of the five-inch device with a scanner preceded the world release of the devices with a QWERTY keyboard. For me, a strong supporter of touch screens, this solution is not a big step forward, it is sure to satisfy those who appreciate the traditional form of text input into the translator. The device is comfortable, light and certainly suited to the business conquests abroad.

And what about 2017?

2016 was full of a wealth of new releases, premieres and farewells. Rumours say that the coming year of 2017 will not fail us in this respect, but I will write about it soon.