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The best voice translators in 2022

Multilingual communication is an important and highly desirable skill in the modern world. This is a result of our increased mobility, as we travel and explore the world more, may it be for leisure or business purposes.

And while we can communicate in English most of the time, it’s not always enough. This is quite a serious problem, as the language barriers can make us feel less safe and secure when we are abroad.


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6 reasons why an electronic translator is the best Christmas gift

Christmas is coming. Yes, it’s that time of the year again. We bet you’ve already taken all your Christmas decorations out, done an elaborate shopping list, started preparations for a Christmas dinner and… realized that you need to buy gifts for everyone. And you definitely want to buy something special for each and every person you have on your list. Well, unfortunately, we’re not going to plan everything for you, but we can give you some sound advice, saving you some nerves while looking for presents at the last moment.

In this article, we will try to convince you why an electronic translator is the best Christmas gift. And It doesn’t matter if you want to buy it for yourself or someone else. Let’s dive in and go over these 6 reasons why!


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Pocket translator device or a translation app: which one is better?

Multilingual communication is definitely getting more and more significant due to many technical advances, the ease of traveling, and the necessity to work abroad. All those things contribute to the fact that we need to speak foreign languages, however, it’s impossible to be fluent in all of them.

A perfect solution is to translate. But a human translator can't always be there to help you. So we have two choices: spend thousands of headaches learning every new language you need to use or take advantage of a digital translator or a translator device.


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5 Things You MUST Know Before Buying a Translator

Looking to buy a voice translator? Getting confused by all the portable translators on the market? It’s not surprising if you are. There are A LOT of pocket translators that’s come onto the market in recent years.

That’s a good thing, as you now have plenty of choice. You must also check what’s important when it comes to translator devices though as not all electronic translators are made equal. In fact, some translators on the market today are practically useless.


Summary of 2019 in the translator industry

2019 was a good year for translators, but the development of new devices has halted because the whole world stopped. We are already wondering what we will write to you next year? Yet we stay optimistic.


A situation when the Vasco Traveler Premium will come in handy while travelling.

Travelling abroad can bring on some difficult situations. It is always good to have at least one tool that you know will definitely help solve your emergency problems. In case of travelling to a foreign country whether you do or don’t have the capacity to speak fluently in the country’s language if aided by the Vasco Traveler Premium you can probably find an easy solution to every problem.


Why is the Vasco Translator a good choice for learning a foreign language?

Learning a foreign language enables you to change your travelling experience, to improve employability, to study abroad, to gain knowledge of a new culture and even to make new friends. When doing so whether it is for personal or professional gain it is aimed to learn each part of the foreign language including grammar and vocabulary, as well as its correct use in sentences.


How to choose an electronic translator

First of all, ask yourself a question: Why do I need an electronic translator? The question of purpose is an essential one. An electronic translator is a portable, easy to work with device that possesses all the written and spoken tools to aid in the learning of a foreign language or in travel to a foreign country.


A summary of how the electronic translator market presented itself in 2016

The year 2016 can be summarized as a time of great farewells but also as a time of great greetings. There were several reissues and returns. Noticeable was also a tendency to move away from traditional forms of innovation in the field of hardware.


ili – is it worth investing in a product that doesn’t exist?

In recent times, a plethora of startups have been successful across the world. What are they? How do they work? Are they fair? Why are they so popular and profitable? In this blog, we take a closer look at this phenomenon. I’ve investigated examples of electronic translators and must admit to being inspired by this year’s hype about Logbar’s ili and Waverly Labs’ The Pilot that were hailed as science fiction coming to life.