Pocketalk Classic

Pocketalk Classic



Pocketalk Classic



  • long battery life, decent translation quality.

  • no indication of translation accuracy, which automatically raises doubts.

Very similar in most aspects to its Pocketalk “S” sibling. The Classic is slightly larger and heavier and does not have a photo translation feature.

We can’t say much about the Pocketalk Classic device as the manufacturer doesn’t include the essential technical information about how exactly the device translates, and how many translation engines it uses. We can only judge from our own experience, and we’ve found the translations to translate accurately, if with less precision than the products higher up on this year’s list.

Although the Classic is larger than the “S” model, the Classic is missing the essential photo translator feature that, frankly, seems to have become a necessity for a full-featured, competitive electronic translator. In exchange, it has a more powerful battery that allows close to 10 days in standby mode.


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