Langogo Genesis

Langogo Genesis



Langogo Genesis



  • number of languages.

  • no SIM card included, no free Internet trial period, short battery life.

On a positive note, this device supports over 100 (mostly Asian) languages. What surprised us is that it offers the ability to share translations, a feature usually only available on much more advanced translators. We take it as a positive sign that the manufacturer will continue to develop this device - we’ll be on the lookout for more versions!

On the negative side of things, this product is very clearly targeted at the local Asian customer rather than America or Europe. The menu is available in a variety of Asian languages and only a few others (English, German, French, Spanish). If we may give advice to the manufacturer, we suggest making the menu, customer service and instructions available in more European languages. It has the shortest battery life of all in this list, barely enough for a day of sightseeing, so leave your hotel room at your own risk!

The biggest problem of all is connectivity. How is the translator meant to work if it doesn’t come with a SIM card? You can either find one yourself or buy one from the manufacturer of the device. The Langogo SIM card works in 72 countries for about $4 per month ($48 per year), but does not offer a free trial. In other words, even to try out whether the device works as advertised and if it is right for you, you’ll have to invest separately in a SIM card, which can end up costing you unexpectedly in certain countries.


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