• specialized vocabulary, high speed.

  • very high price, Internet subscription must be renewed, and it works only in half of the countries of the world.

Still the 3rd place, same as the 2020 rankings - that’s good and… not so good at the same time. Jarvisen is still a solid and safe translation tool, especially for those working in healthcare, IT, law and finance, but. It hasn’t improved much from last year, while the competition has made more revolutionary steps forward.

Battery life is great, lasting up to 17 days in standby mode (which means no translations, so what’s the point?). When on and connected to the internet, it lasts 6-10 days, depending on the connection type. The manufacturer claims the translation accuracy is high, but reality often tells a different story, as the device relies on a single translation engine for each language combination.

Like most of the devices present here, it comes with a SIM card, and the free internet period of two years. To continue using the translator, the user must renew the data package (prices range from $50 up to $139). Jarvisen works in the “most popular” or most traveled countries in the world, so should be sufficient for the run-of-the-mill vacationer looking for a translation device abroad.


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